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using |= in php using |= in php I was reading some php code source and found the following: $failed |= is_numeric( $key ); Other than if $key is
Java |= operator question Java |= operator question I need help about this strange operator |= . Can you explain to me what this code does ?
Question about |= in c# Question about |= in c# What means |= in c#? Example: int a= 0; int b = a |= 5; I can't find any hints for this. Tags: c#
Meaning of <<= and |= Meaning of <<= and |= What is the meaning of <<= and |= in C? I recognise << is bitshift etc. but I don't know what these are
What is |= assignment operator? What is |= assignment operator? Possible Duplicate: What is this operator “|=”? How can I implement this in C#? Can
What does |= mean in C++? What does |= mean in C++? What does |= mean in C++? Thanks! Tags: c++ operators It is a bitwise OR compound assignment . In
What does |= (ior) do in Python? What does |= (ior) do in Python? Google won't let me search |= so I'm having trouble finding relevant documentation.
Is there an atomic |= operation? Is there an atomic |= operation? Is there such a thing as an atomic |= or and atomic or? If no what is the
|='d in, would |= it in again cause this to malfunction (as in, if(attributes & 3) would no longer work) Thanks Tags: c++ enums operators As Nawaz said
Do &= and |= short-circuit in Java? Do &= and |= short-circuit in Java? In other words, do the following two statements behave the same way?