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Elegant way to bind html radio buttons <=> Java enums <=> mysql enums in Play? Elegant way to bind html radio buttons <=> Java enums <=> mysql enums
What does MySQL <=> operator do? What does MySQL <=> operator do? What is the MySQL <=>? Because the operator is a symbol it is hard to look for
What does "<=>" in MySQL mean? What does "<=>" in MySQL mean? What does <=> in MySQL mean and do? Tags: mysql null operators equality It's the same
equal to operator : http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/comparison-operators.html#operator_equal-to From mysql documentation : mysql> SELECT 1 <=> 1,
conditions to use <=> instead of = because I need to check against nulls. Are there any performance concerns? Tags: mysql performance optimization <=> is
UPDATE table SET col1=1 WHERE condition=1; In MySQL you can write this: UPDATE table1 SET col1 = (condition <=> 1) This works because in MySQL the boolean
and != doesn't return any rows. (using Mysql 5.0). Thoughts? Tags: mysql The problem is that a != b is NULL when either a or b is NULL. <=> is the
to @Derek's answer: In MySQL you can use the <=> operator to the same effect: SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE column1 <=> column2 Apparently it's possible
DECIMAL(20, 2)) No dice... Keep in mind that >= or <= returns the proper results, just <=> gives me issues. How do I get equality to work here? Tags: mysql
comparison null In MySQL you can use WHERE NOT(A <=> B) To do a WHERE A <> B that also works on null. See: