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grabbing builds for a specific version of Scala. % grabs the dependency exactly as you described it. %% tacks the Scala version into the resource name to
general, you can use any Java library to connect to protocols and services. Scala compiles to the same kind of JVM classes as Java does. I use scalatra with
... scalaVersion := "2.9.0-1" libraryDependencies ++= Seq( "org.scala-tools" %% "subcut" % "0.8" ) ... I'd rather avoid this: "org.scala-tools" %
%% "dispatch-http" % "0.8.5" use the following setting: scalaVersion in update := "2.9.0-1" First thing I would do is to ask Paul if that feature could
distribution? That would be more than welcome and probably help a lot of beginners with Scala, sbt and Eclipse. Claus Tags: eclipse scala sbt try some thing like
serialization/hydration with lift-json, but without success. As near as I can tell from the package readme, this should work. Help? I'm using Scala 2.8.0 and Lift 2.2
installed here so I can't test this I tried that, it still gives the same error, after clean and build. Scala, Eclipse and Eclipse Scala Plugin versions?
dependencies? For example, for slf4s only this line is mentioned: val slf4s = "com.weiglewilczek.slf4s" %% "slf4s" % "1.0.6 Where do I need to put this line, and
build a REST service in Scala, but the JSON serialization is where I am stuck, as I would prefer to use something written in Scala. Unfortunately there
would be the best approach to read and understand such code in Scala? Tags: scala scala-2.8 squeryl It can only come from import sbt._ or from