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really simple to get a high-level view of how make things run faster. Tags: java multithreading scala loops multiprocessing Scala's parallel collections
What is a "context bound" in Scala? What is a "context bound" in Scala? One of the new features of Scala 2.8 are context bounds. What is a context
App extends Application { override def main(args: Array[String]) { new SomeClass()("test", (value) => { println(value)}) } } Eclipse Scala IDE is fine
=> Are there any Clojure DSLs ? Scala DSLs => Interesting DSLs, Implemented in Scala? C# DSLs => SharpDOM ( ) Tools:
such code in Scala (I hope it's not a Java iterative version which is Scala-fied)? Tags: scala scala-collections scala-performance list.filter(e =>
y = List(1) val z: java.util.List[Integer] = asList(y) map { (x: Int) => x : java.lang.Integer } Tags: scala Because the underlying representation of
scala.collection.immutable.Map[java.lang.String,java.lang.String] = Map(a -> apple, b -> banana) scala> val newMap = someMap map { | case(k , v @ "apple") => (k, "alligator") | case pair => pair | } newMap:
= k.getMethod( "props" ) // etc. } catch { case _ => throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Only available with Scala 2.9") } But it is so boring
function in Scala? Instead of writing ((x: Double) => (((y: Double) => y*y))(x+x))(3) I would like to write something like ((x: Double) => let y=x+x in
messages from an actor to a servlet) I have the following scala code: package dummy import javax.servlet.http.{HttpServlet, HttpServletRequest => HSReq,