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function ((x$1) => x$1{}.toString{}){} Only this works: textProvider: T => String = (_:T).toString Why? Tags: scala scala-2.8 named-parameters Either of
scala list match scala list match List(1,2) match { case List(1,_) => println("1 in postion 1") case _ => println("default") } compiles / works fine.
comprehension for (p <- e) yield e0 is translated to { case p => e0 } So... scala> val l : List[Either[String, Int]] = List(Left("Bad"), Right(1)) l:
list? In Scala, how do I define an anonymous function which takes a variable number of arguments? scala> def foo = (blah:Int*) => 3 <console>:1: error:
solution. 0x7A.toChar => 'z' 'z'.???? => 0x7A Edit: I'm to tired... 'z'.toByte => 0x7A Tags: scala scala> 'z'.toByte res0: Byte = 122 scala> res0.toChar res1:
Scala contiguous match Scala contiguous match pathTokens match { case List("post") => ("post", "index") case List("search") => ("search", "index")
cata( _ => true, false) } and compiled this with scalac -Xprint:types . This gave the following output: [[syntax trees at end of typer]]// Scala source:
Scala has to implement it in another way. => X actually compiles to a Function0[X] , which erases to Function0[Object] , which makes it impossible for
Scala permutation of Factorials Scala permutation of Factorials How to find the n! permutations of certain letters on Scala. I couldn't find the
Scala for-comprehension syntax Scala for-comprehension syntax In the following code, inside the for comprehension, I can refer to the string and