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=> Unit)Unit scala> doTwice({println("Hi")}) Hi Hi In this case the =>Unit is {println("Hi")} Here "SomeType" is Unit because println doesn't produce a
like clickedCallbacks: List[() => Unit]) Could anyone tail me what => and () => means in Scala? Tags: scala possible duplicate of [What's the difference
What is more Scala idiomatic: trait TraitA extends TraitB or trait TraitA { self: TraitB => } What is more Scala idiomatic: trait TraitA extends
scala Yes, Regex#replaceAllIn has an overloaded version that takes a function Match => String . The equivalent Scala version of your code would be:
parameter type for expanded function ((x$1) => x$1.toString) Tags: scala Well... f() takes a String as a parameter. The construct _.toString has type A <: Any
Scala: compilation error when declaring continuation of type Any => Nothing Scala: compilation error when declaring continuation of type Any =>
Can someone explain Scala's yield? Can someone explain Scala's yield? I understand Ruby and Python's yield. What does Scala's yield do? Tags: scala
def checkInts(f: Option[MyFunctionType]) Tags: scala function trait Foo { type MyFunction = (Int,Int) => Boolean def checkInts(f: MyFunction) def
Scala 2.8, this conversion is now built into scala by using: import scala.collection.JavaConversions._ ... lst.toList.foreach{ node => .... } works.
expected but ',' found. import scala.collection.mutable.{_, Map => _, Set => _} Is there still a way to do this? Tags: scala scala-2.8 Actually, it says