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What are Scala <:<, =:= and <%< classes for? What are Scala <:<, =:= and <%< classes for? Possible Duplicate: What do <:<, <%<, and =:= mean in Scala
noticed this interesting syntax the other day for specifying the type parameters for a Scala class. scala> class X[T, U] defined class X scala> new (Int X
scala.collection.immutable.TreeSet[Int] = TreeSet(2, 4) // fine, a TreeSet again scala> set.filter(_ % 2 == 0) res1: scala.collection.immutable.Set[Int] = TreeSet(2, 4) // fine scala>
What do <:<, <%<, and =:= mean in Scala 2.8, and where are they documented? What do <:<, <%<, and =:= mean in Scala 2.8, and where are they
switch function and object with scalaz' |> switch function and object with scalaz' |> I can use scalaz |> operator when I want to switch function and
<:< operator in scala <:< operator in scala Can anybody provide some details on <:< operator in scala. I think: if(apple <:< fruit) //checks if apple
such an implicit conversion should be available: scala> val conv = implicitly[Array[Nothing] <%< collection.mutable.ArrayOps[Nothing]] conv:
string "abc" and the output must be "bac". Can you please tell me how I can do it? Thank you in advance. Tags: scala How about something more functional?
scala type programming resources scala type programming resources According to this question , scala's type system is turing complete. What resources
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