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Ruby on Rails site in recent months and I've only used a small amount of built in JavaScript functions. However I will be doing much more JavaScript
to be the only one using it. You can use webrick to run it and use SQlite as your backend. Ruby's gem will take care of the Ruby dependencies. There
demand for Ruby on Rails developers is outpacing the supply of developers with even 3 months of good experience. However, the overall number of available
any development team I worked with. In February 2009, I was first exposed to ASP.NET MVC after spending some time actively looking at Ruby for Rails.
my case. Is there somebody who can provide some interesting way to create automation for this? I don't know Ruby, but by example, is it possible to use
in later chapters, all of these libraries are written in Ruby. You'll find the source in the lib subdirectory of the standard Ruby distribution. class
be had. Plus, if you are saving millions of $$ w/ your software, that can be exciting too. (Although probably not as exciting as selling millions of $$
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