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causing my app to fail (I hope). Any idea what could be causing them? What can I do to debug this? Installed in my PC: - Ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel
and want to use RSpec from day one. My Ruby background is limited, however, I do have a good understanding of MVC and the structure within Ruby. In
inside of #{} in "" strings and that construct seems to fool the RubyParser class. If you had something like "#{_('some text')}" in a "normal" Ruby file,
plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE tabrelid oid; colname name; r record; newmax bigint; BEGIN FOR tabrelid, colname IN SELECT attrelid, attname FROM pg_attribute WHERE
exactly the same thing when I found teqhtml . It does the conversion of $ and $$ equations to images with the nice bonus of aligning the resulting image
RedMine, not only because it's written in Ruby On Rails. It's really a good and fast project. I am currently moving from Trac to RedMine and I am not looking
I made it then I'd want to make it in Ruby. Ruby is interpreted though. Other similar languages to Ruby include Python and Perl. How would you best
Ruby: Inherit code that works with class variables Ruby: Inherit code that works with class variables The situation: I have multiple classes that
element.readAttribute('data-method'), url = element.readAttribute('href'), csrf_param = $$('meta[name=csrf-param]')[0], csrf_token = $$('meta[name=csrf-token]')[0]; var form = new
don't have the cash and want to learn how to quickly create websites in the future. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby flex