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the parent or the forked process? The example from the linked page shows this pretty clearly <?php $pid = pcntl_fork(); if ($pid == -1) { die('could not
executable (not via the webserver) Spawn a process in a new process group (see posix_setsid() and pcntl_fork()). To enable the client to come back and check on
item. This would allow all code to be in one file. // Get items from DB $items = get_items_from_db(); foreach($items as $item) { $pid = pcntl_fork();
the danger of simultaneous wites: <?php for($i = 0; $i < 100; $i++) { $pid = pcntl_fork(); //only spawn more children if we're not a child ourselves
pcntl_fork(), etc. functions, but none of them seem to offer exactly what I want. (Or, if they do, it's not clear to me how.) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
answer to this question. Where I can find a table listing the meanings of all the error codes for pcntl_fork()? Or even the C fork() function, for that
pcntl_fork() , this would be very simple, but the PCNTL functions are not available in Windows. It seems the closest I can get is to do something of this nature:
PHP you should take a look at this code example and more precisely to pcntl_fork() . N.B: pcntl is not enabled by default and won't work on Windows
mysql_select_db("schema",$db); $sql = "query"; $res = mysql_query($sql,$db); while($rows = mysql_fetch_array($res)) { $rv = pcntl_fork(); if($rv == -1){ echo "forking failed"; }
should use php's pcntl_fork() (as recommended by @bmdhacks). The basics process is, fork, setsid, fork again, chdir to /, and close all your open file