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operators such as + , - , * , / . Implement the operator+ as a free function like this in terms of operator+= : Vector operator+(Vector lhs, Vector const&
C++ friend operator+ overloading C++ friend operator+ overloading i'm so confuse about friend operator overloading. It has no problem if i write the
operator+(const A& lhs, int rhs); Usually, they are implemented on top of operator+= , which is implemented as a member: class A { public: A& operator+=(const A&
Ambiguous overload for operator+ Ambiguous overload for operator+ There is polynomial class in Boost math library: Boost polynomial class . I want to
example). First, the canonical operator+ should be implemented in terms of operator+= , and it is in this operator that you should write your logic. Second,
C++ double operator+ C++ double operator+ Possible Duplicates: Incorrect floating point math? Float compile-time calculation not happening? Strange
Using operator+ without leaking memory? Using operator+ without leaking memory? So the code in question is this: const String String::operator+
Simple operator+ problem eluding me Simple operator+ problem eluding me I'm trying to add two lists of uint8_t as though the list were individual
C++ operator+ and operator+= overloading C++ operator+ and operator+= overloading I'm implementing my own matrix class in c++ to help me develop my
Lifetime of temporary within operator+ sequence Lifetime of temporary within operator+ sequence I have a quick question regarding the lifespan of a