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enlighten a beginner about the difference? Tags: lisp It is different in various Lisp dialects. The following uses Common Lisp: First #' is a short notation
Why #' is used before lambda in Common Lisp? Why #' is used before lambda in Common Lisp? I would like to know why most Common Lisp code I see has
What's the difference between ' and #' in Lisp? What's the difference between ' and #' in Lisp? It seems both (mapcar 'car '((foo bar) (foo1 bar1)))
What does # mean in LISP What does # mean in LISP For example, #'functionname , is it necessary? Tags: lisp #'functioname in Common Lisp Common Lisp
call-interactively(eval-last-sexp) How can I make it work in Emacs lisp? Tags: lisp elisp This style of programming does not work in plain Emacs Lisp. Emacs Lisp uses dynamic binding
Just because you CAN use recursion in Lisp, doesn't mean it's the "Lisp Way". There are several mechanisms for doing this in Lisp (as seen elsewhere
#'and (get-some-list)) This is the best I've come up with: [11]> (defun my-and (x y) (and x y)) MY-AND [12]> (reduce #'my-and '(T T T T T)) T [13]>
in the Lisp community. It is usually referred to as the Lisp-1 vs. Lisp-2 debate. Lisp-1 refers to Scheme's model and Lisp-2 refers to Common Lisp's
day on lisp, so it might be a stupid question ;) and BTW I'm using Lispworks 6.0 personal version.) Tags: lisp common-lisp It might be useful if you
How do Lisp (Clojure) and Tcl compare in terms of abstraction and metaprogramming abilities? How do Lisp (Clojure) and Tcl compare in terms of