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23.3? Tags: emacs emacs23 Try C-x C-+ and C-x C-- ; that is, Control - x Control - Minus / Control - Plus . Addition by sawa I looked up the function that
N: C-u -N C-x TAB You do the same, since C-x tab understands negative arguments. So to outdent 3 columns: C-- C-3 C-x tab Use rectangular operations.
very close to C--, so that may be an advantage. Full disclosure: I am affiliated with the C-- project. Since your code is C -ish, you could try C-- . It
but didn't really find anything. Thanks ahead of time for anyone's input Tags: compiler We need substantial help on the c-- project. There is so much to
markers: one local to the current buffer and one global among all buffers. By default, in Icicles (in Icicle global minor mode): C-- C-SPC lets you trip
but related keys. Put the most commonly used one on KEY , for some KEY . Put another one on C-u KEY . Put another one on C-- KEY . Put another one on
C-- compiler is a large functional program that is written using literate programming. What is your experience of using literate programming in larger
by default is C-- C-x o . That way you don't have to switch between Meta and Control while typing the prefixes. This is an old post, but I just
damned C-- code, my question is: at least Festival TTS is a good choice on Windows for Java development? Tags: java tts festival freetts Festival on
$("#counter").val(c); $("#e1").appendTo($(this)); $('#counter').attr('value',c); }); I hope this was useful. At the second function it must decrement then c-- instead of