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regex - modify expression in notepad++ regex - modify expression in notepad++ Good afternoon. I have a file so that each line is like this: A|B How
of: concatenation ( ab ) unbounded repetition ( a* ) alternation ( a|b ) grouping ( (ab)|(cd) ) can only recognise regular languages. A Turing-complete
How to remove opposite rows from SQL table How to remove opposite rows from SQL table I have the following SQL table: A|B --- w|x x|w y|z z|y Can I
range(10))) Output: A B A A|B A B A A|B A B An attack frequency of 0 needs to be checked for. I haven't done this in the above code for simplicity, but it's
option group for this mode */ command A B /* A and B not allowed */ Thus the objectives are an option that must occur and be one of the set A|B if possible
bitwise AND in arithmetic operation bitwise AND in arithmetic operation Bitwise OR(|) is similar to arithmetic addition(+) i.e. A|B = A+B (if A!=B)
not be needed, e.g. A|B may work in your simple case. In other languages which support regular expressions with named captures, you can use those. Yes
[Flags] enum SomeEnum2 { A = 1, B = 2, C = 4 } // can parse either by 'A' or 'a' // cannot parse for A|B Thanks! Tags: c# .net .net-3.5 coding-style
table named Likes: A|B --- a|b a|f a|e a|i b|a b|i c|d e|p In this table, values in A represent people who "like" people in B. So, a likes b, a likes f, a
got 2 CNF logical phrases a,b and my distrib function should return the CNF form of a|b (a OR b). Replacing rules that I've got are: 1) Replace p|(q&r)