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C extension: ? operators C extension: ? operators I observed that there was at some point a <? and >? operator in GCC. How can I use these under GCC
iphone types cgimage Check below, Could be useful for you, problem in performSelectorOnMainThread in iphone CGImageRef is a pointer to CGImage c-struct.
same as an if else statement. It could be rewritten as: if ( A != 0 ) { A = B; } else { A = C[ 0 ]; } It's called a ternary operator . expr ? a : b
Writing code like that in a real program, without any typedefs, should be made criminal. cdecl is a great tool for figuring these kinds of problems out: $
What does ? in C mean? What does ? in C mean? What does a question mark (?) in C mean? Tags: c Could you give us a contextual example of where you're
Connection refused Connection to localhost 3000 port [tcp/*] succeeded! nothing happen on server, how to make server could accept more than one client ? do
mysql_row returning assignment from incompatible pointer type ? in C mysql_row returning assignment from incompatible pointer type ? in C folks, see
c language translation I have made a class library for Windows Mobile in C# that uses a Web Service, now I want to create one for iPhone development.
stuff contained therein is code", but if you don't write pod you wouldn't necessarily know that. @Eric: When I'm 'roughing' in the code I tend to be var
not be a DateTime cause its null, so the compiler says: Type of conditional expression cannot be determined because there is no implicit conversion