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local javascript that needs this api. $.getScript("", function(data, textStatus) { if(textStatus ===
javascript function inArray javascript function inArray I need a javascript function that can take in a string and an array, and return true if that
(strQueryString2[1] === someNames[x][1]) { alert(someNames[x][0]); } Tags: javascript jquery html internet-explorer Where are you using Javascript? Are you using some
option in Javascript. Does anyone know how? Tags: javascript if-statement Try this : if (newUrl.length === 0) { newUrl = ''; }
if(window.isSameNode(ev.srcElement)){ alert(); } Tags: javascript events window Please clarify. Why not just use this? if(e.srcElement === window) That seems to work in webkit console
Javascript: prototype of Number Javascript: prototype of Number var x= 1; Number.prototype.test = function () { return this }; x.test() === x.test()
"number") { // It's a number } JavaScript just has Number , not separate float and integer types. More about figuring out what things are in JavaScript: Say
In JavaScript is != same as !== In JavaScript is != same as !== Possible Duplicates: Javascript === vs == : Does it matter which “equal” operator I
with javascript{SAFE}? Greetings new javascript student here, My question is as follows. Is it possible to create a DOM sessionStorage in a php script,
most common mistake for Javascript is 'using JavaScript'" @Brian: :P Javascript, if used properly, is a decent scripting language. It's a widespread