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=== operator where it compares both value and the type? Tags: javascript operators Inverse of your question:
javascript types == checks for value equality, === checks for value and type
compiles == into the JavaScript === operator . But what if you want the original JS == semantics? Are they still available? I've pored over the documentation
Tags: javascript iframe greasemonkey if (top === self) { not in a frame } else { in a frame } From How to identify if a webpage is being loaded inside an
else false } Even better is if I can check that the parameter is a number AND a valid integer. Tags: javascript i'd say n === parseInt(n) is enough. note
onkeyup key-value in Javascript onkeyup key-value in Javascript I have a standard textbox and I've got jQuery on the page. I want to act when the
Javascript: undefined !== undefined? Javascript: undefined !== undefined? When I recently integrated Facebook Connect with Tersus , I initially
JavaScript object comparison JavaScript object comparison Why do the last == and === operators return true here? var object1 = {value: 10}; var
code without even coding! JavaScript has two sets of equality operators: === and !== (strict equality operators) == and != (standard equality operators)
Should I use typeof in Javascript type equality? Should I use typeof in Javascript type equality? What is better? if (obj === undefined) { } vs. if