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Ruby? How can I get the path for the last created file in a directory using Ruby? Tags: windows ruby file I think this is fairly brief:
using the shuffle method , you can use the sort method: array.sort {|a, b| rand <=> rand } This may be of use if you are using an older version of Ruby
belongs_to :itemable, :polymorphic => true def <=>(other) <=> end ... end and I want to use it this way item_set1.subset?
<=>(other) # use Array#<=> to compare the attributes [, self.color] <=> [, other.color] end include Comparable end then
in windows as the exe can be ommitted Linux-based systems are OK with `whereis ruby`.split(" ")[1] It will call whereis ruby and parse its' output for
sort this from A-Z? Tags: ruby ruby-on-rails-3 <%=, Company.all.collect{|company| [,]}.sort_by{|a, b| a} %>
this variable. Something like @x = @myArrayOfStuff.sort {|x,y| y <=> x } However I dont really understand whats going on with ruby's sort method. Can
self.sort self.sort!{|a,b| a <=> b} end def to_s @sorted = @fst.to_s + "." + @snd.to_s + "." + @trd.to_s #puts "#{@sorted}" end end Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby
pre_sorted = {12=>2, 10=>3, 9=>4, 5=>3} sorted = {9=>4, 10=>3, 5=>3, 12=>2} Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby Not familiar with Ruby's `sort_by` function, but you could
in my view grouped by letters? i.e A - "Alpha", "Apple", "Aza" B - "Beta", "Bonkers" . . . Z - "Zeta", "Zimmer" Any ideas? Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby