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Ruby spaceship operator <=> Ruby spaceship operator <=> What is the Ruby spaceship operator? Is the operator implemented by any other languages?
Impementation of the Ruby <=> Combinator Impementation of the Ruby <=> Combinator Not infrequently, one wants to implement the <=> (comparison, or
Can you define <=> in Ruby and then have ==, >, <, >=, and <= defined automatically? Can you define <=> in Ruby and then have ==, >, <, >=, and <=
comprehensive examples/use case? Thanks. Tags: ruby spaceship-operator == will NOT work in sort for example [3,5,6,2,7].sort{|x,y| x <=>y } == returns Boolean <=>
ruby If I have two arrays, a1 and a2 in ruby, to do a lexicographical comparison I do a1 <=> a2. Is there a way to override how ruby compares each
you wish to encapsulate this logic inside the class, implement a <=> method on your class, you can tell Ruby how to compare objects of this type. Here's
other way around, what does <=> mean? Tags: ruby sorting hash You can have it cleaner, clearer and faster, all at once! Like this: h.sort_by {|k,v|
Simplest code to sort arrays in ruby? Simplest code to sort arrays in ruby? I usually do something like array.sort{|a,b| a.something <=> b.something}
way to check from a Ruby program if the current RUBY_VERSION is greater than X.X.X? Tags: ruby Ruby's Gem library can do version number comparisons:
p1.foo <=> p2.foo # Ascending order end end Tags: ruby sorting You can turn objects in arrays for comparison [p1.foo, p1.bar, p1.moo, p1.sam.moo] <=>