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attribute has 2 quotes in it ("). Remove those or escape them ( " ) and it should be fine. +1 beat me to the punch. thanks a lot :))
use " From the XML spec : To allow attribute values to contain both single and double quotes, the apostrophe or single-quote character (') may be
escape the following characters: < &lt; > &gt; " &quot; & &amp; have you tried &lt; or &#60; Have you tried &lt; and &gt; .
for unsafe characters ( &apos; &quot; in particular), however, this doesn't work with the API. I tried url encoding the ampersand (%26) but the api
"&quot;test&quot;"; console.log(x.innerHTML); // => "test" This will work for any HTML entities, not just &quot; edit : As pointed out below, you're half-way there,
use &quot; or even <![CDATA["]]> to represent the " character. See this: Try this:
href=".." title="Some &quot;text&quot;">Some text</a> <!-- title looks like `Some ` --!> Please note that using single quotes is not an option. Thanks a lot!
"<serverstatusinquiry xmlns=\"\"/>" But I end up with: &lt;serverstatusinquiry xmlns=&quot;;/&gt; I understand &quot;
( &amp; &quot; &#039; &lt; &gt; ) back to their character equivalent and therefore does not need to be passed a charset. As htmlentities() converts
&quot; ) or its ISO Latin-1 code ( &#34; ) — like this: <span title="This is a &quot;good&quot; title.">Catch me in the rice.</span> <span title="This is a