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onChange="updatesum()" onClick="this.focus();;" /> <input type="button" value=" + " onclick="addone(box1);
tried all sorts, but nothing seems to match it. Any ideas? Sorry guys, just realised I need the quotes to be between " and " . Tags: php regex
where Chrome refuses to parse tags/entities on text which is handed to it by JavaScript. I first noticed it with entities like " . It will display
file using Java? For example so " is returned as is instead of being converted to a quote Effectively want the text content treated as if it was
`"` not becoming quotation mark when output `"` not becoming quotation mark when output My quotation marks, when converted to " by
following string of data see below: abcd " something code " nothing "f <b> cannot find this section </b> " I want to find the
&qoute; can any one guide me how to solve this issue? any help would be appriciated. Tags: android textview Escape them; use " to have quotes in XML
StringFormat='\"{0}\"'}" /> Any ideas? Tags: wpf binding stringformat This is XML, so " is your friend. HTH, Kent Oh, Lord.. of course. Thanks, and +1 for answering
like: " &quot; ' &apos; < &lt; > &gt; & &amp; If you want your text verbatim use a CDATA section since everything inside a CDATA section is ignored by the
with XSL. Some elements have to be changed, some have to be left as is - specifically, text with entities &quot; , &amp; , &apos; , &lt; , &gt; should be