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accept' Use " instead. Title="I "name" accept" You could use the HTML code of the ASCII character. Here's the table of HTML Codes -
should to use: &amp; for & &apos; for ' &quot; for " &lt; for < &gt; for >
least shows the string with the escape characters, i.e. This trilogy includes &quot; The Hitchhiker&#39;s Guide to the Galaxy&quot; , &quot; TheRestaurant
isn't expected by the NSXMLParser for example &foo; The only valid special characters that the NSXMLParser will recognize are: &lt; &gt; &apos; &quot;
cond='data:post.editUrl'> <span expr:class='&quot;item-control &quot; + data:post.adminClass'> (display an admin button) </span> </b:if> I apologize for the inconvenience!
set;} } When serializing the above with ' " & < > , the output is ' " &amp; &lt; &gt; Why isn't ' and " encoded to &apos; and &quot; ? Tags: .net
the value on page load with PHP, I'll just swap " for &quot; (or htmlentities, etc). But when you do the same with js then it just displays &quot;
NAME="" value="12\"3"> but it's not be right WHY ? PS: i must transfer " to &quot; ,or change " to ' ? i don't like it Tags: html "i don't like it" — why
attribute value itself. Why shouldn't &apos; be used? Also, is &quot; safe to be used instead of &#34; ? Tags: html escaping quotes &apos; is not part of the
Please advice me. Thanks in advance. Tags: java android xml As stated by @Welbog, there are 5 XML escape sequences you need: " &quot; ' &apos; < &lt; >