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your usb drive called home. create site-start.el in the site-lisp folder and then copy this and you are all set to go. (defvar %~dp0 (substring
folder as the script, I use %~dp0 like this copy %~dp0test.txt test.txt What if I want to copy testinfolder.txt which is not in the same folder as the
scripts. Although I can't comment on Vlad's answer (comments require more points than answers?!) I would always be wary of relying on: CD /d %~dp0 because
directory path of the currently executing script using %~dp0 . For example: @echo Running from %~dp0 What would be the equivalent in a BASH script? Tags: bash
solution I found , based on the replay of jwd: cd %~dp0 for /L %%i in (1,1,3) do pushd .. set _MyDir3LevelsUp=%CD% What's wrong with the path .\..\..\..
following .bat file: call chdir %~dp0 start java <_some_arguments> So when I do it locally from IntelliJ IDEA it works correct - a cmd process appears, after
folder from where you committed, so my batch file looks like this: SET BUILDLOG=%~dp0%build_log.html rem %~dp0 returns the full working path *of this
"Content/picturescalcologo.png". You could try "%~dp0calcologo.png" . %~dp0 means current directory. sir its not working please help me please...
located? Tags: batch cmd locate Just call "cd" set WORKING_DIRECTORY=%cd% Used to be %~dp0, but that's not working for me in Vista. That's not the location
script, %~dp0 is what you want: cscript "%~dp0V02.vbs" pause Note that %~dp0 includes the trailing backslash, so your v02.vbs file name above becomes quite