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Andrew's answer is good. And just to help you out a bit more, here's how you use multiple formatting in one string "Hello %s, my name is %s" % ('john',
%s and %d python %s and %d python I don't understand what those two things do and how they work I tried researching off google, but I couldn't get a
stringWithFormat and %S problem stringWithFormat and %S problem Here is my code. std::wstring sourceString = L"test\n newline."; NSString*
%s in joomla .ini file %s in joomla .ini file anyone know the meaning of %s in joomla ? I found it in .ini file but don't know how they had been
what does %s means here? what does %s means here? What does %s mean? $sql = "SELECT * FROM page_table WHERE page_name = '%s' LIMIT 1"; Tags: php
PHP MySQL query with %s and %d PHP MySQL query with %s and %d SELECT COUNT(*) AS test FROM %s WHERE id = %d AND tmp_mail <> '' What are %s and %d
name = %s and wife = %s" cursor.execute(query, [man, wife]) Tags: mysql django django-models I don't really get why it's related to Django if you're
python about multiple %s in a string python about multiple %s in a string str = 'I love %s and %s, he loves %s and %s.' I want to use this format to
string interpolation. The string will be on the left side, the values to substitute for the various %s are on the right, in a tuple. >>> s = '%s and %s'
How to print %s in C? How to print %s in C? I want to print "%SomeString%" in C. Is this correct? printf("%%s%",SomeString); Tags: c printf