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"Steve Smith" from the results list' Capybara gives me Javascript error message and a stack trace in the ruby code, but no information about where in the
into this column on INSERTs. let's say there is a "Steve Smith" at CompanyId 123 and there is also a "Steve Smith2" at CompanyId 123 If I attempt to edit
View("Index", new List<Person> { new Person { Name = "John Smith" }, new Person { Name = "Betty Davis" }, new Person { Name = "Steve Jobs" }, new Person { Name =
"Steve").ID; } Payee.cs public class Payee { public int ID { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public Payee() { } public Payee(int id, string name) {
AppUser newUser = new Appuser(){Name = "Steve Smith", City = "Seattle", Country = "USA"}; db.AppUsers.InsertOnSubmit(newUser);