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What does !! mean in ruby? What does !! mean in ruby? Just wondering what !! is in ruby. thanks! Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby ! means negate boolean
current_product? !!current_product end Isn't that a double negative? Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby Duplicate of [What does !! mean in
links or include the steps i have Eclipse as an IDE and concerned plug in installed !! Please Help !! Tags: ruby-on-rails Please go through some tutorials
for sorting an array...which is r[] which has all the numbers in t ! Can anyone please help. my inputs are less than 10^6 !! Tags: ruby sorting Try to
much for the help !! Tags: mysql ruby And what does mkmf.log say? Non-root shouldn't be a problem, given that even the standard port of MySQL is above
ruby-on-rails ruby rubygems For the benefit of googling, `!` is called the bang operator. possible duplicate of [What does !! mean in
such as !! in google. Tags: ruby-on-rails ruby the "!" character is called a bang. googling for "ruby double bang" turns up some good results. Ahh yes I
me errors like this line 23 .. unexpected end line 26 unexpected end .. can any one debug ? i have put identations now .. its in ruby !! my inputs are
ruby + save web page ruby + save web page To save the HTML of a web page using ruby, it's very easy. One way to do is by using rio : require
Using fork in Windows with Ruby Using fork in Windows with Ruby When I call Kernel.fork() on Windows, I get this error: !! Unexpected error while